The Fatherhood Coalition

Creating a community of active fathers; reducing the barriers for fathers to be in their child(s) lives; providing resources for fathers to become active in their child(s) education 

Partner Agencies in the Coalition

Action For Children

All In Dads! Fatherhood program, Father Factor Fatherhood program, The Journey program, Mothers Matter program, SPARK, HelpMe Grow, Parenting Education and resources, intensive case management to assess and overcome barriers to parenting, Comprehensive workforce/job development services, Financial Literacy workshops, Domestic Violence Awareness/Healthy Masculinity Workshops, Co-parenting education and resources

Childcare information and referral services, Kindergarten readiness services(SPARK), HelpMe Grow Intake and Home Visiting services, Triple P Parenting services, The Art of Positive Parenting classes

Brightside Academy Ohio

Early Learning Child Care and Employment 18+ with High School Diploma


CareSource is nationally recognized for leading the industry in providing member-centric health care coverage. The company’s managed care business model was founded in 1989 and today CareSource is one of the nation’s largest Medicaid managed care plans. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, the company has built a legacy of providing quality health care coverage for Medicaid consumers.

In addition to Medicaid coverage, CareSource has a diverse offering of insurance plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace. The company also offers Medicare Advantage plans that help consumers close the gap of coverage as they age. CareSource serves 2 million members across five states supported by a growing workforce of 4,500.

Columbus Public Health

We assist dads and families with needed resources and information that is connected with being a dad. We also train dads and families about Trauma Informed care so it can be implemented during parenthood.

Columbus Urban League

We can offer Columbus Urban League Wrap around services.

Community Development for All People

Community Development for All Peoples, Thrive to 5 program supports parents and families in their journey from pregnancy to becoming their child’s first teacher. Thrive to 5 serves families living in 43205, 43206, and 43207.

The program offers the opportunity to earn incentives such as diapers, personal hygiene items, household items and more. Also participants are invited to quarterly celebrations and baby showers. Families have the opportunity to participate in classes and workshops around positive parenting, prenatal/postnatal care, reaching developmental milestones, identifying quality early childhood educations providers and addressing social determinants of health.

Community Development for All People offers everyone daily access Fresh Produce Market 945 Parsons Ave(open Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm), Free Store, 946 Parsons Ave (Call 614-443-1713 an appointment), Bikes for All People, Healthy Eating and Living classes and the Southside ID program.

Job and Family Services Family Stabilization Unit

The family stabilization unit is an extension of Job and Family Services that works with family’s specifically with black boys who are interfacing with juvenile court or truancy diversion. FSU will not only provide programs and resources for the youth, but will work with everyone who is living in the home to help alleviate barriers and stabilize households.

Fatherhood Fundamentals

We connect father’s with shelter, food employment, transportation and we help them develop a new skill set with communication.

Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency

The mission of the Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) is to enhance family development and stability by providing innovative child support services which emphasize empathy, education, accountability, and collaboration.

Future Ready Columbus

Future Ready is a nonprofit organization that is geared towards ensuring that every child, no matter their socioeconomic background, has access to a quality early childhood education. We do this by infusing resources and education into early childcare provider’s centers and homes.

Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services provides workforce services with wraparound supports to a diverse population of clients from across the region. Our clients come from all walks of life and from all economic circumstances. We work with each individual to understand their situations, help them develop an individualized plan for their future, and support them as they take steps toward their goals.


Moms2B strives to empower women in high-risk neighborhoods to deliver full term, healthy babies by providing prenatal education and social support. There is also a partner program called Dads2B.

PrimaryOne Health

Primary Care, Dental, Vision, Behavior Health, Medicaid enrollment, and Outreach services.

Real Men, Real Talk

We bring awareness and help reduce the stigma  of Mental Health in the African American Community.

“Often times, as fathers, we tend to focus so much on our family that we forget to check on ourselves. Having people around you, going through the same  experiences, helps you not only be a better person for yourself, but motivates you to be better for your family.” 

Darrell O’Neal, Founder of Fatherhood Fraternity

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