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Free Space Jam 2 Screening

Happy Father’s Day !

We’re going to be hosting a screening of Space Jam 2 on opening night, in partnership with My Brother’s Keeper for all the fathers who have taken the Proud Dad Pledge and their family.

For early access to get tickets and reserve your spot in the theatre, take a picture of your family watching the new Fatherhood movie with Kevin Hart on Netflix on Instagram or Instagram Stories. Make sure you tag @ProudDadPledge so we can give you the link to reserve your ticket!

Do The March Proud Dad Challenge

We’re building a community of fathers active in their kids lives. If you haven’t already, take the Proud Dad Pledge right now.

Calling all dads to take the March Proud Dad Challenge. This month’s prize will be a $100 Nike Gift Card.

The challenge is easy and has 3 steps.

  1. Go to the Lit Learners “Muscles Up” on YouTube or any other streaming platform and fas tforward to the :42 second mark.
  2. Record a video of yourself doing 8 pushups with your child. They can either be on your back or by your side
  3. Post the video to Instagram using the hashtag #ProudDadChallenge and tag 3 dads to do the same.

NOTE: You must be following @ProudDadPledge and be using the hashtag #ProudDadChallenge to win!

Winner will be announced at the beginning of April!

We’re building a community of fathers active in their kids lives. If you haven’t already, take the Proud Dad Pledge right now.

The Franklin County Fatherhood Coalition

NCUS Forms Fatherhood Coalition 

Creates a community of active fathers; reduce the barriers for fathers to be in their child(s) lives; provides resources for fathers to become active in their child(s) education 

COLUMBUS, OH– The National Center for Urban Solutions (NCUS) has taken the lead in forming the  Fatherhood Coalition in partnership with Franklin County Job and Family Services.  

Since children who do not have continual engagement with their father are twice as likely not to enter college or  find stable employment after high school, 75% more likely to have a teen pregnancy and 80% more likely to  spend time in jail (The Children’s Bureau), the organization believed it was imperative to form a coalition that  focused on fathers becoming actively involved in their child’s lives.  

“Due to 73% of African American children not being kindergarten ready in Franklin County (Future Ready  Columbus), we knew it was our duty to provide for our community,” said, John Gregory, Founder of the NCUS.  “This coalition will be the first step in ensuring our children are prepared for success.” 

This is a network of various organizations which will help to provide resources such as case management, 21st  century career coaching and pathway training, child support services, supportive services, workforce solutions  and legal support. By creating this community of active fathers, we hope this coalition will stimulate the needs  of our men so that they can continue to be active fathers in their children’s lives. 

“Often times, as fathers, we tend to focus so much on our family that we forget to check on ourselves,” said  Darrell O’Neal, Founder of Fatherhood Fraternity. “Having people around you, going through the same  experiences, helps you not only be a better person for yourself, but motivates you to be better for your family.” 

The Fatherhood Coalition member organizations include, The African American Male Wellness Agency, Future  Ready Columbus, Action For Children, Community Development for All People, Columbus Public Health,  Family Stabilization Unit, Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency, Jewish Family Services,  Moms2B, Real Men Real Talk, Lit Learners!, Fatherhood Fraternity, Dope Black Dadds LLC., Dadds  Enterprise and Dads Financial Legacy Group. 

The coalition meets virtually on the first Tuesday of every month at noon. If you’re interested in joining the  coalition, please email