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If you’re not involved get involved. If you’re involved, stay involved.

73% of African American children in Franklin County are NOT considered “Kindergarten Ready.” We can fix this!

By Taking the Calling All Dad’s Pledge, I Pledge to:

Ensure my child has access to quality childcare

Read more with my child or children

Take a break from electronics

Be more active with my child or children

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The Expression of Fatherhood: Submit Your Story

The Franklin County Fatherhood Coalition

Check out all the organizations, supporting fathers in Central Ohio.

The Expression of Fatherhood

This is your podium, dads! Share any of your favorite experiences being a father on our social media.

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Dad-At-Home Media

New school nursery rhymes, DIY instructional videos, safe-at-home activities and more.

Fathers be your daughter’s first love and she’ll never settle for anything less.


It’s the duty of a father to give his son a good chance.



We know that strong families are the foundation of a healthy community and so the African American Wellness Agency is appropriating significant resources towards our fatherhood initiative.

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We want to make sure that black dads are emotionally supported, gainfully employed, mentally sound, physically fit, financially accountable and substantially educated.

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